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Just Don't

I told myself I wasn't going to cry...
But I did.

Jeremiah and Rachael are not "a thing". People should now no longer refer to us as "Jeremiah and Rachael". If you do, expect to be corrected. We are now not "together" at all and for very good reasons. I, when Jeremiah and I were together before had broken up with him to see what's out there, so to say. And now he must do the same, because he hasn't. All he knows is me, which isn't fair. I'm fine with this because I know it's something he must do, for himself, and he completely deserves it. I am sad and hurt as all hell of course but I want him to be happy above everything else. We need to be able to be identified by our friends as seperate people. We've been "Rachael and Jeremiah" for so long that we both don't really know who we are anymore. And that sucks, so in that aspect this will be good for both of us to renew ourselves. It'll be tough for me, at the very least, but I'll have to keep in mind that I want the best for him and for him to be happy, no matter what that means. I must be strong. He still means so much to me.

--I am going to start being the complete utter real me again. I need to renew myself, and simply be more me. It's not that I haven't been being myself... I've just... contained it somehow in a way. It's hard to explain, but anyways, just expect 'the real Rachael' to start showing her true colors, whatever they may be.

-- : \ Oddly enough, my dear Jessie is now single too. *big hugs sent to her* I love you dear.

--Latin = should have had good study skills from the start, now it's just too hard. I have to deal though. it's my own fault too.

--I would like to apologize to any/all of my friends if I've... not been a good friend basically. So, yes, I'm sorry. I'll try to make it up to you all.

--I've realized that I don't like people. Which is good, in a neat way. It's good because I've always never really hated/disliked people, and hey I'm human, I don't have to be the 'bigger person' allt he time, so I won't.

I don't expect/am asking for comments by the way. So... yeah, I think you catch my drift?

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